An innovative sensorized heart valve prosthesis

The team of professor Emanuela Marcelli at the University of Bologna is developing an innovative sensorized heart valve prosthesis which by measuring impedance can detect valve opening and closure. They were looking for a partner to run the first proof-of-concept in vitro studies for different prototypes and LifeTec was happy to be able to support such experiments and provide valuable insights for further development.

The Heart Valve Assessment Platform was used to run two experiments: in vitro performance testing and ex vivo valve testing. In the ex vivo experiment, a realistic life-like environment was needed, so it was decided to implant the valve in a heart. To better fit the valve prototypes dimensions, LifeTec Group provided deer hearts and sutured the sensorized heart valve prosthesis in the aortic valve site.

  • The deer heart in the HVAP platform
  • The prosthesis prototype sutured in the aortic site
  • The deer heart in the HVAP platform

LifeTec Group engineer Mattia explains: “Our Heart Valve Assessment Platform is the platform for early feasibility studies of innovative heart valves. It can be fully tailored to our client needs and at the same time it gives great accuracy in the measurement. And maybe a bit surprisingly, we can even fit a deer heart for ex vivo testing!”

Although travel restrictions were in place at the time of the tests, we are happy that with the help of the virtual presence service it was possible to still perform the experiments and provide the team in Bologna with the data needed to continue their research and development.

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