Added value

The organ platforms that are developed within LifeTec Group have a great added value. They are providing an alternative to acute animal experimentation since the tissues are obtained from slaughterhouse origin, and they are bridging a gap between benchtop simulators and in-vivo animal work. Moreover, a wealth of additional information can be generated by also allowing non-clinical measurement techniques and protocols to be used. The organ platforms are also very useful to provide clinical interventionalists to gain realistic, hands-on experience in the use of novel device concepts prior to clinical introduction.

Room for improvement

Although LifeTec’s organ platforms already provide added value to many projects, there is always room for improvement. The relatively large organs such as whole hearts and livers used in our platforms, need to be perfused with blood, due to the high need for oxygen transportation into the cells. In the approach to harvest blood and tissues from a slaughterhouse, it is not possible to obtain these materials in a sterile way. For this reason, our longer-term tissue bioreactors have had to resort to culture medium as a sterile perfusion fluid. As a consequence, only tissues with relatively small volumes that need less oxygen such as isolated arteries in VABIO or bone and cartilage plugs in our OsteoChondral platform could be cultured for periods longer than 1 week.

Sterile blood

We are excited to share that our team at LifeTec Group found a promising way to sterilize blood harvested at the slaughterhouse! With this development blood can be used in circulation systems for longer than a few hours, without contamination. This opens the way for the larger organs to be used in prolonged experiments beyond  the duration of the acute studies that are currently being performed. We are hopeful that this development will lead to exciting new improvements to our organ platforms in the near future!


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