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This month we are saying Goodbye to our dear colleague Mattia D’Alessi. After living and working abroad for 7 years, while studying at University of Twente, finishing his Masters' Degree in Chicago and subsequently starting his career as a R&D Engineer at LifeTec Group in Eindhoven he is returning to his home country Italy.

In the lead

Valve testing

When Mattia joined LifeTec Group in 2018, he dived right into the challenging and interesting work of mastering the Heart Valve Assessment Platform (HVAP)  and soon became the lead engineer. Mattia was involved in all client assignments on the platform, which covered testing of innovative heart valves for which the standard test methods would not work, to clinical training sessions for ultrasound imaging. This gave clients great insight in how their device was functioning, thereby contributing greatly to the development of these devices.

Mattia was not only involved in heart valve testing assignments but also sold these platforms all over the world. As such, Mattia was also responsible for the training of the clients who purchased the valve tester, to ensure optimal use of the system.

Growing into project leadership


Thanks to his ambition to broaden his knowledge continuously, Mattia became project manager for several projects ranging from small local projects such as stimuleringsfonds to big European Research projechts such as Perinatal Life Support (PLS). Mattia managed these in a very organized and structured way and always with a great team spirit.
Besides the official research projects, Mattia was also deeply involved in internal R&D activities; he became one of the Automated Hemodynamics specialists within the company, developing technology that would make our simulators either responsive or easy to use for non-experts. Additionally, with great enthusiasm and creativity, Mattia always thought along within the marketing and communication team and provided new input.

  • Mattia keeping his cool during valve testing
  • The great Musician!
  • Party animal

We wish you all the best

Next to his great work, Mattia was known as a colleague who would always help out and enlighten everyone’s day with his great humor. Thank you Mattia for being part of our company! We wish you a great start at Baxter Italia, all the best for future challenges and for a new start back in your home country: Italy.

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