"In this period of reminiscing and looking ahead, we look back on a good year. On the business side of things, LifeTec Group’s turnover grew about 15%, according to plan. On the human side we praise our good fortune in finding a number of new colleagues who became ‘one of us’ very rapidly.

Thank You, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

In 2018 we were able to welcome new clients, and to our great joy also a few ‘old’ clients for whom we worked a number of years ago and who found their way back to us. That feels like recognition: in the present as well as in the past we must have done a good job. Seeing our clients return is like a reward for our continuous efforts to create and deliver a good ‘product’.

The developments in our activities in both PCRO - preclinical contract research - and Tech & Training, Cardiac Biosimulator Platform, are absolutely marvellous. We have our fantastic crew to thank for that first and foremost. Their knowledge, their skills, their craftsmanship and their drive all go hand in hand with, as our clients put it, ‘nice people to work with’. 

All in all we have every reason to look forward to the new year with eagerness and confidence. 

But first: Family time! 

On behalf of the entire LifeTec Group team: Thank you very much! We wish you a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity."

Jurgen de Hart


Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Head of Research & Training

Linda Kock

Medical Director

Bas de Mol

R&D Engineer

Marcel Wijlaars

R&D Engineer

Benjamin Kappler

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

R&D Engineer

Noemi Vanerio

Marketing & Communications

Toine Nagel

Office Manager

Janneke Cuijpers


Jurgen de Hart

R&D engineer

Elke van Soest

R&D engineer

Dave Wanders

Project Manager and Engineer

Anke Waterschoot

R&D Engineer

Martina Puricelli

Junior R&D Engineer

Tim van den Boom

Junior R&D Engineer

Bettine van Willigen

R&D Engineer

Bart Smeets

R&D Engineer

Mattia D'Alessi

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