On behalf of the entire LifeTec Group team: 

Thank You, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

LifeTec Group - Jurgen de Hart - CEO

"In this period of reminiscing and looking ahead, we look back on a good year with great accomplishments.

On the business side of things, LifeTec Group’s portfolio grew with numerous interesting assignments. Besides having served many more start-up companies we have supported large industries with their technology development and clinical acceptance. 

On the human side we were very fortunate to welcome new colleagues that were able to reinforce our team right from the start. 

All in all we have every reason to look forward to the new year with eagerness and confidence. 

But first: Family time! 

On behalf of the entire LifeTec Group team: Thank you very much! We wish you a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity."

Jurgen de Hart


Looking back

We’re almost at the end of the year 2019, and at the beginning of 2020. Here’s our 2nd Semester 2019 Lookback: 

"Investigating the physiology of normothermic ex vivo heart perfusion in an isolated slaughterhouse porcine model used for device testing and training"

Paper: "Investigating the physiology of normothermic ex vivo heart perfusion in an isolated slaughterhouse porcine model used for device testing and training"

LifeTec Group is always looking to improve its current platforms, so they are even more close to life-like.

In this case, we report on a study into the physiology of our PhysioHeart™ platform that was conducted to identify ideas to further improve our beating heart model.

Read the "Investigating the physiology of normothermic ex vivo heart perfusion in an isolated slaughterhouse porcine model used for device testing and training" paper  >> Read more >>


28th Annual meeting of the Netherlands society of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

The 21st and the 22nd of November LifeTec Group's Martina Puricelli will attend the 28th Annual meeting of the Netherlands society of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, in Lunteren. 

"I am expecting to meet and interact with different young scientists working in similar fields. 

Moreover, I will present a poster named ‘An Ex Vivo Human Osteochondral Model Of Cartilage Disease Progression’ and I will show the work done during my secondment at the Orthopädische Universitätsklinik Friedrichsheim* (Frankfurt).

Through this poster presentation, I can show that in our ex vivo model we can monitor cartilage degeneration and release of degenerative components of human osteoarthritic samples over time.

>>

PRESS RELEASE: Perinatal Life Support Kick-off Meeting

PRESS RELEASE: Perinatal Life Support Kick-off Meeting

On November 13th and 14th, the kick-off of an international project titled “Perinatal Life Support” (PLS) was held in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

This 5-year project falls under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program to fund projects on new ideas for radically new future technologies.This can involve a wide range of new technological possibilities inspired by cutting-edge science. 

The project is coordinated by Professor Frans van de Vosse of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The project aims to develop an artificial womb to increase the chances of survival for extremely premature born babies (born between 24-28 weeks). For these babies, the chances of survival increases with each day in the artificial womb, which serves as a replacement for an incubator.

>>

Catharina Hospital "Heart Week"

"Heart Week"

During “the Heart Week” organized by the Cardiac and Vascular Centre of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, interested parties could witness two different cardiac interventions in a live broadcast. These interventions could also be viewed online:

During earlier live broadcasts of interventional procedures the hospital has received many positive responses, both from the audience and from patients. Many patients like to see what awaits them when listed for an intervention.

>> Read More >> & YouTube Link (in Dutch)


LifeTec Group and Biotest Facility aim to reduce animal testing

LifeTec Group and Biotest Facility aim to reduce animal testing

Medicine affects your body. That’s a good thing, that’s how it makes you feel better or even cures you, but most of the time the intended purpose is not the only effect: there are also undesired side-effects that can affect vital organs, sometimes even damage them. That’s why it’s crucial to do thorough testing before administering anything to human subjects.

LifeTec Group continues to develop a platform to keep a liver alive and functional outside of a body. From the animals that are used in food production, not all tissues are actually processed into food. Those tissues that are not intended for human consumption, such as the livers applied in our platform, can be used in life science research and thereby get a meaningful purpose.

In that context, LifeTec Group develops ex-vivo models in which organs are cultured to study interventions and tissue responses as an alternative to animal tests.

>>


Vascular Bioreactor: Scientific Paper Now Available!! 

“Make the artery feel at home”, this is the main topic of the brand-new paper “An innovative ex vivo vascular bioreactor as comprehensive tool to study the behavior of native blood vessels under physiologically relevant conditions” by Noemi Vanerio, Marco Stijnen, Bas de Mol and Linda Kock and published in the ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy.

“Make the artery feel at home” was the concept on which the development of LifeTec Group’s vascular bioreactor platform was started several years ago.

In fact, as is the case for most of LifeTec Group’s ex vivo platforms, the goal was to recreate a realistic physiological environment for tissues or organs – in this case for a native blood vessel.

The aim of having a porcine carotid artery that stays alive and functional for more than a week in the lab - like it was in the real body of the pig - was successfully achieved, as the paper describes.

>>

TCT 2019 San Francisco

Looking back @ TCT 

In September our team consisting of Jurgen de Hart, Dave Wanders and Marco Stijnen were present at one of the biggest scientific and educational meetings in cardiovascular therapies: TCT in San Francisco. 

They brought one of our Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms to the exhibition floor. 

Many people have already heard about the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform from previous events, or have seen it online. It’s one thing to hear about it, but it’s completely different to see the platform in live action. 

It was amazing to see the enthusiastic responses of many passers-by, who immediately became interested in the platform and how it can be used.

>>


Austria – Medical University of Innsbruck [guest author submission]

"In this video tutorial we present a beating-heart porcine model used as a high-fidelity training simulator for transcatheter cardiac valve procedures."

Corresponding Author: Nikolaos Bonaros - Department of Cardiac Surgery - Medical University of Innsbruck >> Read more >>

July: "lack of ultrasound machines in Uganda"

"we heard about a very critical lack of ultrasound machines in Uganda and we happened to have two spare machines. So it was clear what needed to be done."

With the help of many people from the company the machines made it first from Eindhoven to Monchengladbach (Germany), where they were stored by the leader of the local action group of Plan International.

We are happy that we could make this contribution and hope that it will make healthcare in Africa a tiny bit better.

>>

First Coronary Artery Study in LifeTec Group's Vascular Bioreactor

First Coronary Artery Study in LifeTec Group's Vascular Bioreactor

A new milestone for LifeTec Group’s vascular bioreactor platform has recently been achieved: a pilot study using porcine coronary arteries has been successfully performed! 

Until now, LifeTec Group’s VAscular BIOreactor platform (VABIO) has mainly been used to culture porcine carotid arteries. The applications for this model are in testing novel vascular device intervention concepts and drug-device combination products such as drug eluting balloons and drug eluting stents, but also in studying regenerative medicine approaches focusing on interaction of cell infiltration of porous vascular graft scaffolds.

>>

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