Cardiac BioSimulator in action in a training village
Great system for R&D and clinical training

Cardiac BioSimulator

LifeTec Group is offering preclinical services that bridge the gap between bench testing and animal or clinical work. Besides development of entirely new platform technologies, we are also working to improve our existing technologies. One example of that is our current work on the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform. While it is a great system for both R&D and training, it is rather bulky and therefore not very well suited for off-site use. However, the engineers at LifeTec are well on their way to finding a solution!

Full functionality in a smaller size

Smaller footprint

Coming from a system that was developed for use in our lab, over the years we have learned what parts can be shrunk down or eliminated entirely for specific applications, what space we really need and where we can make adaptations. This is leading to a new Tiny CBS that has a much smaller footprint than the original one, while retaining virtually all of its capabilities. The system can now be operated with only a laptop and a case housing the electronics, giving the user full access to the pump controls and data aqcuisition.


CBS in carry on luggage?

Flexibility is key

The system might turn out so small, in fact, that it can fit as carry on luggage, making it a great tool for off-site experiments, such as bringing it to an animal lab for R&D, a hospital for physician training or using it at a conference to give demos on new cardiac device products. Aside from that, it will be easier to set up under a C-arm for fluoroscopy or submerging the setup for better echo imaging, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to imaging. All in all, we are very excited about the possibilities of the next version of our Cardiac Biosimulator!


What's in it for you?

Are you interested how the (tiny) Cardiac BioSimulator would be useful to you? Feel free to reach out for more information, to discuss your needs and thoughts, or to learn how you can get access to the Cardiac BioSImulator.

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