The Cardiac BioSimulator

Our Cardiac BioSimulator has proven to be a great tool both in preparing for animal testing during the R&D process as well as training clinicians in the use of new medical devices. In part, this success can be attributed to the compatibility with multiple imaging modalities, such as direct videoscopy of the inside of the heart or fluoroscopy, but also the realistic echo images that can be generated during an experiment or training. 

Transgastric Views

To further expand on this, we’ve developed a new module for the Cardiac BioSimulator, which makes the translation from the simulator to the animal or clinical case even smoother. This new module allows for both mid-esophageal and transgastric views, to get all the echo imaging and guidance you would use during an in-vivo procedure. By adapting the bed that supports the heart, we've made it possible for the TEE probe to shift from the left atrial appendage to a position posterior to the heart and back, giving access to both viewing angles during a procedure or training.  

What's in it for you

If you’re a cardiac device developer and are preparing for animal trials, the Cardiac Biosimulator can help you gain valuable insights into the functioning of your device, the interaction of your device with the anatomy and the interpretation of echo images as compared to direct videoscopy. This ensures a smooth transition from bench to animal and shortens the timelines of the animal phase.  If you’re already past animal trials and preparing for clinical trials, the Cardiac Biosimulator can help prepare clinicians to get the best possible result, by allowing them to practice under very realistic conditions. This will help them get a good feeling for the device, practice procedure and communication and, with this new module, learn more about how to interpret the echo images that guide them.

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