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Successful SimLab for Append Medical

We supported Append Medical for a day of Cardiac BioSimulator testing of their LAA treatment. It was a successful day with great teamwork!

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Multi Perspective Cardiac Ultrasound

We're proud to report that our PhysioHeart™ has once again been supportive in a scientific study. In the newly published paper, the Eindhoven University presented their work on multi perspective cardiac ultrasound imaging on LifeTec's ex-vivo heart model.

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New PhysioHeart paper on intracoronary cooling

We're happy to share that the PhysioHeart has once again contributed to a scientific publication! This time we've been involved in investigating the effects of selective intracoronary hypothermia on cardiac tissues.

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Sensorized Heart Valve prosthesis studies

We are looking back on a successful collaboration with Bologna University for in vitro and ex vivo testing of an innovative sensorized heart valve prosthesis.

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First PhysioHeart in USA

We have some exciting news: the first-ever PhysioHeart experiment in the USA just took place!

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50th RegMedXB PhysioHeart

Today we celebrate our 50th PhysioHeart experiment for the RegMedXB project!

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Aortic Aneurysm studies

This year marks the start of collaboration with Angiolutions, who are developing a novel device innovation in the field of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

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Vascular access to the heart

We're looking back at a collaboration project that ended in the fall of last year: the development of a smart steerable catheter by Eindhoven Medical Robotics. LifeTec Group joined this MIT project to improve on vascular access to the heart in the Cardiac BioSimulator platform so that valuable information could be gained on the navigation capabilities of the novel catheter design in a very early phase.

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Cooling therapy in healthcare

We're proud that our team will be featuring in an episode of "Dokters van Morgen", December 16th on Dutch TV! The show is about the use of cold as a therapy in medical care, and LifeTec contributed with a research project on cardiac cooling in a collaboration with Catharinaziekenhuis.

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Human Osteochondral Publication

We contributed to a scientific paper! Our collaborative study aims to demonstrate that a human osteochondral explant at different stages of osteoarthritis (OA) can be kept in long‐term culture while preserving its viability and composition.


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