Marketing & Communications

Toine Nagel

  • Affiliation: Marketing Director @ LifeTec Group
  • Academic: CTA, Lecturer Creative Marketing @ Rotterdam University of Applied Science
  • Expertise: (Creative) Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneur, Business Creation
How to get in touch with Toine


Toine started at LifeTec Group in 2014 as Strategic Marketing consultant, paving the path for the company’s growth ambitions. In 2016 Toine joined the LifeTec Group team as their marketing director. 

After his pre-university education Toine started his career as an entrepreneur in the automotive industry. At age 23 he sold of his first company and started a new career in the world of finance. Combining work and taking courses and majors Toine fulfilled a combined responsibility as market analyst / stock market-trader and Marketing Manager.

In 1995 Toine converted everything he learned in the complex world of finance about marketing, sociology and crowd psychology into the marketing agency he founded. Over the years this company has been servicing a broad spectrum of clients, varying from pharmaceutical industry to broadcasting-companies and from startups to publicly listed multinationals.

In 2009 Toine sold the marketing-agency and since then he is following his heart: With a group of likeminded people named the Wow! Cooperative he is helping charities (Butterfly Child Foundation ao), ‘green’ startups (Corellian ao), and socially responsible companies (LifeTec Group ao).

Toine has an extensive experience with kick starting and commercialization.

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