Cardiac BioSimulator 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of LifeTec group, and we’re proud of what we have achieved in all those years of developing systems that mimic what happens in the body. The main purpose being to provide a realistic environment that can be used to study the behaviour of prosthetic material or devices and the way these interact with bodily tissue structures, with a focus on but not limited to the cardiovascular system. Our Cardiac BioSimulator is a great result from our efforts over the years, and it has proven to be invaluable in many R&D studies where it could highlight how well new and early device concepts are working – or more importantly what still needs to be improved before the concept is ready for in-vivo trials! 


Clinical training 

In more recent years, our team has started to work on clinical training applications using the Cardiac BioSimulator: where initially we were focused on device and delivery system assessments it proved that the same BioSimulation technology was also hugely valuable to provide clinical teams with relevant and realistic simulation experiences to teach both the imaging during and the use of novel interventional device procedures. We’re excited that LifeTec Group is hosting, for the 3rd consecutive year, the hands-on sessions during the upcoming 3D Echo MTE (Meet The Experts) course from January 18th to 20th.  

3D MTE ultrasound course  

Dive deep into transthoracic and transesophageal approaches, all within a lifelike, hands-on environment powered by our Cardiac BioSimulators and pragmatic engineers. Our innovative technology allows participants to not just observe but actively practice the interventions themselves, to gain practical skills in a safe, realistic, and controlled setting. Our BioSimulator platforms allow the participants to, amongst others, practice imaging of Mitral TEER with Mitra Clip Device, Tricuspid TEER with Pascal Device, and Neochord chordal repair device.  Ready to elevate your skills and broaden your professional horizons? Visit the 3D Echo MTE website for detailed information about the course.  

3D echo

What’s in it for you?  

Is your interest triggered by the BioSimulation capabilities at LifeTec Group? Are you working on a new device or curious how you could best train your clinical end-users to get the best patient results? Please reach out to us to discuss your ideas! 

Moreover, LifeTec Group has joined Resolution Medical and this means that our joint team can also support your device project from concept engineering up to manufacturing services. With our joint capabilities, we can iterate fast since device engineering and the BioSimulation test lab are under the same roof. This can speed up your development timelines. Send us a message if you’d like to know more!