The Quest

LifeTec Group always aims at testing existing and new products in the most relevant way. For cardiological and surgical products for the heart this means assessing their performance in a moving, contracting environment that has physiological pressures and flows and the means to visually monitor the product’s functionality.

Most platforms we know of lack these characteristics, and an animal model is in many stages of product development unfeasible and also does not allow visual inspection of product performance (because there is blood).

The PhysioHeart platform

That is where LifeTec Group’s PhysioHeart™ comes in:

PhysioHeart™ is the isolated beating heart platform which is particularly useful to study implantation, delivery and efficacy of your device or therapy under realistic physiological cardiac dynamic conditions, while having full control over all cardiac parameters and maintaining the ability for visual endoscopic inspection of your device performance or procedure success. Together with the expertise of LifeTec Group personnel, PhysioHeart™ allows you to realistically assess and improve the quality of your product by verifying and validating it in the most relevant preclinical environment conceivable. Any cardiological or surgical intervention can be performed during preparation and run-time of the heart during which response of the heart to the intervention can be quantitatively assessed.


Imaging Compatible

PhysioHeart™ is mobile and is ultrasound, CT and MR compatible and therefore also allows assessments in a clinical setting.

Typical devices tested using PhysioHeart™ include for example artificial heart valves delivered surgically or minimally invasive, heart assist devices, pacemakers, or other implantable devices. Procedures like catheterization and surgical or minimally invasive cardiac repair procedures are other typical areas. 


What's in it for you?

By assessing the performance of and practice with their devices on PhysioHeart™, LifeTec Group has allowed many device developers and users to improve their product and to improve the procedure and in turn enabling them to improve the quality of life of countless people.

LifeTec offers PhysioHeart as a service. If you wish to apply PhysioHeart for your studies, we welcome you to our lab facility where our team provides the working heart environment and you can focus on treating the heart. Alternatively, our team can travel to your institute - if feasible. Learn more about our service offerings in the Services section below.

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