Refining the hearts environment

At LifeTec, our commitment to refining our platforms is ongoing. Now we like to share a recent development focused on biomimicry in the mechanical environment of the heart, worked on by Alec Kouwenberg, an industrial design student. 

Alec has successfully developed the first working prototype, showcasing a more physiological movement of the heart. This advancement is especially beneficial for our PhysioHeart platform, where the heart is nicely supported by its surroundings, the first experiments showed an improved AOP and a more calm and stable ECG.

Improved mechancial environment

What is in it for you?

Improvements in the mechanical environment mean that we are able to keep the heart performing better for a longer period. This means that our PhysioHeart platform becomes more useful as a research tool. The effect of the therapy or procedure can be monitored for a longer period, more data can be generated, and therapies with slower tissue responses can be evaluated. In general, the PhysioHeart Platform is a great tool for both (clinical) research and the development of new medical technologies. With realistic hemodynamics, valve movement, and contractile motion, combined with easy and direct access to the heart and great control over the hemodynamic parameters, the PhysioHeart Platform can aid in assessing and improving your new technology or gaining new insights into cardiac physiology. 

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