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LifeTec Group is your partner in physical simulation of your device procedure or intervention, offering close-to-life environments for R&D or (clinical) training and workshops without the need for in-vivo animal models. Our BioSimulator models are developed to mimick certain specific in-vivo conditions, and our team has a whealth of experience in how to best use each BioSimulator to be representative for your application.

Working with us means that your team can focus on the development of a device or clinical (training) procedure and LifeTec Group supports you by providing a realistic environment in which you can demonstrate your technology.

Depending on your needs, LifeTec Group has several service offerings in which you can access our BioSimulator Technologies and team experience.

  • Preclinical Research. If you wish to use our team of experienced engineers, BioSimulator platforms, facilities and equipment on an occasional basis, LifeTec offers a preclinical research service where your team visits our lab for assessment studies - similar to an animal lab facility but without the ethical burden of using live animals. LifeTec Group can also facilitate this service on-site.
  • BioSimulation Technologies. If you wish to use our BioSimulator platforms on a more regular basis and in your own facility, we can make the Technologies available to you as a purchase or lease service. Developing customized BioSimulator Technologies tailored to your application and needs is also part of our services.
  • BioSkills Workshops & Training. LifeTec Group offers to collaborate on setting up (clinical) training programs that make use of our proprietary BioSimulators. These training programs can be offered as a workshop or training to your end users, and supported by our engineering team and equipment so that you can fully focus on the educational aspects without worrying about the training environment. LifeTec Group has very nice training facilities available in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, as well as in Minneapolis, USA. External facilities can be used as well, as our training environments are mobile, have a small footprint, and are compatible with most facilities.
  • Device development and manufacturing. Our Resolution Medical team has great capabilities in device development, whether you're looking for a prototyping partner, a full development partner, or even manufacturing for implantable devices and delivery systems.

More info on our BioSimulation Systems?

The services listed above show how you can have access to our capabilities. If wish to know more about our BioSimulation systems, please have a look at our BioSimulators overview.


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Marco Stijnen

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