The Cardiac BioSimulator

LifeTec Group’s Cardiac BioSimulator platforms are extremely suitable for visualization studies and training sessions.

The fluid circulation to which the cadaveric heart is connected consists of a preload system that provides venous pressure to the atrium, and a Windkessel afterload system allows to tune the arterial pressures. In contrast to PhysioHeart where the heart itself is the pump, in the Cardiac Biosimulator platform an external pump actuates the heart. A computer controlled stroke volume is provided to the ventricle via a cannule, thus generating the cardiac output of the model.

Vascular add-ons can provide relevant access pathways into the heart to simulate device delivery. Our team has extensive experience in direct trans-apical, trans-aortic, venous and transseptal delivery methods for cardiac devices.

Cardiac BioSimulator

R&D for device innovation

Visualizing the device delivery and deployment of your cardiovascular device in a pressurized heart with realistic hydrodynamics, heart wall movement and heart valve opening and closing behavior allows you to closely assess the functionality, implantability, and operability of your device. This makes the Cardiac BioSimulator a great tool in the early R&D phase for new devices

Imaging compatibility

The Cardiac BioSimulator provides great imaging opportunities. With direct endoscopic video the platform allows very intuitive real-time images from inside the heart. This clearly shows the positioning of a device and the interaction with the internal cardiac tissue structures. Video offers a great detail of visual feedback, for studying prototype devices as well as instructing new clinical users on the individual procedural steps that are required during an intervention.

The platform is also compatible with clinical imaging modalities. 3D ultrasound is available in-house and the BioSimulator platform is adjusted for fluoroscopy, CT or MRI imaging in external facilities. This provides a perfect combination of visualization possibilities from which to study and learn!

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