Within the framework of the RegMed XB project,  LifeTec Group is collaborating with the University Medical Center in Utrecht to repair failing human hearts with regenerative technologies. An important step towards this goal is the research to improve the duration of donor heart survival ex-vivo. Improving survival duration ex-vivo enables us to study and develop the application of regenerative therapies during the period that we can keep the hearts alive. In future, we aim at implanting the “repaired” heart, and at the same time, we might be able to prolong the survival time further, allowing for longer transportation time from donor to recipient. 

Leveraging the PhysioHeart™ platform and combining our expertise and knowledge with that of the UMCU, we have been able to fine-tune, develop and adapt protocols to improve the functioning and performance of the heart, allowing us to set a new personal record! After 9 hours of normothermic perfusion, we were able to still generate 4 litres per minute of cardiac output! This is a great achievement for us and one that we are proud to share. It nicely shows the value of collaborations such as these, as well as the fact that we are moving in the right direction. 


The research on donor organ transport and regenerative therapies is also beneficial to LifeTec Group. Being able to keep the heart performing better for a longer period of time also means our PhysioHeart platform becomes more useful as a research tool. The effect of the therapy or procedure can be monitored for a longer period, more data can be generated, and therapies with slower tissue responses can be evaluated. In general, the PhysioHeartTM platform is a great tool for both (clinical) research and the development of new medical technologies. With realistic hemodynamics, valve movement and contractile motion, combined with easy and direct access to the heart and great control over the hemodynamic parameters, the PhysioHeartTM platform can aid in assessing and improving your new technology or gaining new insights into cardiac physiology. 

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Sjoerd van Tuijl

Sjoerd van Tuijl

Senior Research Engineer