Born and raised in Bladel, Brent grew up with his mother, father and older sister. Early on during elementary school, he had difficulty with reading and grammar, which he managed to overcome by focusing on those topics as well as good support from a specialized teacher. Overcoming this challenge ended up as a positive experience for Brent. It didn't take long for him to cope without additional support and he was able to get into preparatory school!

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Developing a great interest in science and technology

Going to both elementary and high school in the BrainPort region meant he came in contact with science and technology early on, which he enjoyed greatly. Because of this, and despite the rest of his family being focused more on the soft sciences, he ended up pursuing an education and career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Looking for something that combines the academic environment and challenge with a broad and applied approach, he ended up choosing Industrial Design. It quickly became clear this was the right decision, after working on a project to develop a ball that allows visually impaired children to engage in sports. They were able to test their design at a school for visually impaired children, which made a lasting impression on Brent: "If this makes these children that happy, there must be more that I can do to improve the quality of life for people".

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Joining LifeTec Group™

After completing several health-related projects and following another biomedical project within the Perinatal Life Support project, he went looking for an internship to complete his bachelor's degree and found LifeTec Group™. Despite this not being the obvious choice for an industrial design internship, Brent is not one to avoid a challenge and picked up the phone anyway. Not long after, he came by for his first introduction to the company, which was very positive for both sides: "It says enough that, even though I still had 6 weeks of holiday ahead of me, I was already looking forward to starting at LifeTec Group™." 

At LifeTec Group™, he has completed one industrial design internship on improving our BioLiver platform, just started his graduation project on the development of an organ transport device, and is officially hired as Marketing Communications Assistant. He hopes to revitalize our marketing efforts as well as create a finished and functional organ transport device for both the BioLiver and the PhysioHeart™ platform. "I want to create something that exceeds the expectations". The rest of the team at LifeTec has full confidence that he will, given his previous internship and the work he has done here. Brent is a social and intelligent person who combines those two to create designs that really provide what you need. We're very happy to have him at LifeTec Group™ and we are looking forward to everything he will do here!


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