Rebecca was born in Milan, Italy, but grew up in the countryside. However, her parents missed life in the city and went back to Milan after a couple of years. She still feels that this period where she could experience life outside the city was important for her development.

After finishing high school in Milan, she studied at Politecnico di Milano. She gained a master in biomedical engineering with a major in biomechanics and biomaterials. After receiving her degree in April this year, she started looking for a new job and got curious when she found a job opening from LifeTec Group, she thought: “this is an opportunity not to be missed!”.  Rebecca already knew LifeTec Group from her studies, because her master thesis was in the same research field. Also, she wanted to experience life abroad after her studies. Hence, it was exactly what she was looking for, and did not hesitate to apply for the job opening and also, did not hesitate to move to the Netherlands when she got the job offer.  

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“I felt part of the company and welcomed by everyone from the very first moment!”

Her first impression of LifeTec Group was really good: “I felt part of the company and welcomed by everyone from the very first moment!”. She feels really lucky to start her first job in such an energetic atmosphere and thinks it’s important to have a lot of various tasks that she can carry out and that “it is very stimulating and rewarding”. Rebecca will be working in research and development. But also perform training activities with simulation platforms in and outside the Netherlands, and support medical device and therapy testing. In the beginning, she will be mainly focused on the Cardiac Biosimulator.

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Creative and analytical

She is a creative, but also very organized and analytical person. “This is probably why I fully appreciate my engineering studies!”. She thinks it´s important to keep evolving yourself and to keep learning. At LifeTec Group she found the right place to fulfil that: “I also like that it means to work in an interdisciplinary environment, together with engineers, but sometimes also doctors, surgeons, technicians, and other experts! I feel like I work in a company where I’ll never stop learning.”

webimage rebecca working with tissue