Looking back at London Valves

We are looking back at a great experience at one of the most important European meetings on interventional cardiology with a major focus on transcatheter therapies for valvular heart diseases. There was quite a large audience, and it was great to meet with a large number of people that we've been working with. 

Even though we didn't have a LifeTec Group booth at this event, we had a good presence at the event with multiple Cardiac BioSimulators supporting the booths and training villages of our partners.

LifeTec Group at London Valves

Launching the Edwards Evoque valve!

It was a huge honor to support Edwards Lifesciences with the presentation of their brand-new Evoque tricuspid valve! Our small and portable Cardiac BioSimulator platform was shining at the Edwards booth, where the Evoque valve was showcased in the beating heart for the entire duration of the event. 

There was a lot of attention from the audience, with many clinicians visiting the booth to come and see the new valve. The Evoque valve was implanted in the tricuspid position, and as the heart was connected to our pulsatile flow circulation model the visitors could see the valve opening and closing inside the heart by means of the intracardiac videos and appreciate the valve seating from both the atrial side as well as the right ventricular side. 

It was a great experience for everyone involved!

CBS at Edwards Lifesciences

Ultrasound workshops with GE

We were also really proud of our collaboration with GE Healthcare, who invited us to support their training village activities. The Cardiac BioSimulator was used to simulate transcatheter edge-to-edge repair prodecures, both on Abbott's Triclip as well as Edwards Lifescience's Pascal system, while the GE experts were educating the audience on best practises for how to image these procedures using their state-of-the-art equipment. 

And between these simulated interventions, we also supported heart dissection workshops to run the participants through the anatomical  features of real hearts. In this way the trainees could see and touch what they are visualizing in their daily practise, and appreciate the challenges of navigating intracardiac devices and tools around the insides of the hearts. 

GE workshop

PCR London Valves learning session

Another highlight for the Cardiac BioSimulator was that we have been invited by the conference organisers to support one of their Learning Sessions! Special thanks goes out to dr. Martin Swaans for making this happen. 

In the Learning Session, the main topic was intraprocedural echocardiography for tricuspid valve interventions. The faculty were presenting an educational series of patient cases and how imaging supported diagnosis and decision making, and as part of that session an edge-to-edge tricuspid repair intervention with Pascal Precision clip was demonstrated on our beating heart model 'live on stage' while imaging the intervention with Philips' Verisight ICE catheter system. It was a great showcase of how endoscopic camera visualization of the procedure was helpful to show the device navigation and deployment as well as the synchronized navigation of the ICE catheter inside the right atrium. 

London Valves tricuspid interventional imaging LifeTec Group Cardiac BioSimulator

Great fun

It has been a very busy couple of days at the conference, but it was also great fun! The collaborations with the different partners was amazing, and it's so rewarding that everyone was happy with all that was achieved. Also for our team members on-site, it was a good team building activity as you're so depending on one another during the workshops and demonstrations, while our evening program in the city center of London was great fun together. And as always, an event like London Valves is a super networking opportunity where we met with many people that we're working with or have worked with in the past. It was great to see you all again!

Thanks to everyone for the pleasant cooperation at London Valves!

LifeTec Group team at London Valves
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