How it all started

7 years ago LifeTec Group moved to the offices we still use today, to grow as a company and to embrace growing business. Back then we were looking for someone to support our daily life at the office and to keep an overview of our clients. This is when Janneke joined our team as office manager, who was already well known from her and our time at the Eindhoven University of Technology and who was the perfect fit. After more than 6 years and numerous great memories we are saying Goodbye to Janneke, who will start a new adventure outside LifeTec Group.

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Taking care of everyone

As an office manager, Janneke has been a central person in our organization, supporting a lot of administrative, logistical and operational activities. But much more visibly, Janneke welcomed and took care of many clients during her time at LifeTec Group. Everyone received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome and was hosted with attention to detail by her. She ensured a good start into the day for our clients and helped us with organizational matters. With her warm personality and talent of making people feel at home, she did not just host our clients but spread this atmosphere also everyday within the company. She treated the team very well, by taking care of teas, cookies, presents and much more. And especially if someone did not have a good day she always had attention for that.

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New chapter in Life

Janneke will start a new chapter to experience new adventures and challenges in her life. She will explore her hidden talents and we're positive that we will hear about her new adventures soon. We celebrated the end of her LifeTec Group journey and her Birthday adequately during our 2 days outing last month.

We will miss you very much, but more importantly, we wish you all the best, good luck and most of all a lot of joy and happiness for this new chapter of your life!

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