Today, we hosted a tv crew in our lab who came to record a PhysioHeart™ experiment for an episode of their show called: “Dit is de kwestie”. Within the scope of RegMed XB, we are studying methods to repair a persons own heart outside of the body. So that in the future we can reduce the amount of donor hearts that are needed. The program investigates the possibilities of xenotransplantation as an alternative source for donor hearts, which is a different way of addressing the same patient needs.

They were particularly interested in the process of reactivating a heart, which is a crucial step in heart transplantation. Our expert, Sjoerd, demonstrated to the television crew how ex vivo heart perfusion works and the vast potential for research using this technology.

Sjoerd TV

During the visit, PhD-candidate Mats Vervoorn, who is currently working on the RegMed XB: Cardiovascular Moonshot project, shared with the presenter of the program how the PhysioHeart™ Platform is particularly well-suited for conducting cardiac research, such as regeneration or other therapies.

The episode featuring the PhysioHeart™ Platform is scheduled to air on Dutch national television in March, providing valuable insight into the current state of the field and the research that LifeTec is performing. We will keep you informed on when the program will exactly be on television.

Mats TV