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LifeTec Group develops and produces customized research and training tools and platforms geared to the specific needs and desires of researchers, academics, clinicians and medtech entrepreneurs.


<< Video: LifeTec Group’s heart valve assessment platforms are versatile, able to assess the functioning of heart valve prostheses of different sizes and for different locations in the heart, right or left. [link]


<< Video: Visualizing the performance of your cardiovascular device in a pressurized heart with realistic hydrodynamics, heart wall movement and heart valve opening and closing behavior allows you to closely assess the functionality, implantability, and operability of your device.


In practice, a request for a product like an in-vitro research platform or culture system begins with a mutual brainstorm about the studies for which the product is requested. In this way, LifeTec Group can ensure that the implementation of a platform is suited to your research needs.

Once we have crystallized precisely what you have in mind, you can leave the entire production process to LifeTec Group: from the design to the CAD drawings, from manufacturing to assembly, and from testing to fine-tuning the platform. 

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    LifeTec Group always likes to get to the bottom of things first. This means sitting down together so that we can completely understand what your specific question and need is before we start the physical work.
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    Design & Prototyping
    In the run-up to the actual test or fabrication, we pass through the design and prototyping steps. This can be the design of the test and/or the design for your custom-made tool.
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    Set-up & Fabrication
    Once we reach the 'all-clear', we start building or rigging the required platform specifically for your test or the fabrication of your needed custom-made tool. If so desired, you can join us for the experiments or have a look at the fabricated tool
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    Completion & delivery
    Prior to delivery of your custom-made tool, it is first subjected to a series of tests at LifeTec Group to make certain that it lives up to your expectations. We are always available to answer any questions you may still have.
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Visit us at TCT in Boston!

Visit us and interact with the Cardiac BioSimulator platform on our booth at TCT in Boston 2022!

What’s in it for you?

  • Optimized strategy
    Typically, LifeTec Group assessments result in a shorter process towards accurate and deep understanding…
  • Reaching your goals
    which translates into broad, well-documented insights…
  • In less time
    as well as faster lead times…
  • At lower cost
    and thus lower costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Linda Kock if you require any further information:

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Linda Kock
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