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Visit us at TCT in Boston!

Visit us and interact with the Cardiac BioSimulator platform on our booth at TCT in Boston 2022!

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Contraction Behaviour in the Cardiac BioSimulator

LifeTec Group is working on a new module for the Cardiac BioSimulator, that generates a realistic response in the behaviour of the heart during a training or R&D session! With this module, the contractility of the heart will adapt based on the pressures in the heart, allowing for a more realistic training experience or better assessment of novel cardiac procedures.

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VABIO goes India

We just provided a VABIO training course to a team from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras! We're happy to share that all went well, and are looking forward to the first results with their VABIO system in India.

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Meet us at ESCVS

Davy will be at the 70th ESCVS Congress in Liege on June 21st!

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Looking back at DGK Mannheim

The DGK event in Mannheim was a great success. Time to reflect on a nice week!

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Transgastric Ultrasound Imaging

We have another expansion to our Cardiac Biossimulator: a heart bed that allows for transgastric imaging! 

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Meet us at DGK in Mannheim

Next week we will bring our Cardiac BioSimulator to support the Cardiac Dimensions team at the annual conference of the German Cardiology Society (DGK). Join us there and take part in the hands-on workshop!

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Upgrade of the OsteoChondral Platform

The OsteoChondral platform has received an upgrade: we can now apply shear loading combined with compression on osteochondral plugs!

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Meet us at EACTS in Barcelona!

Meet us at the next edition of the annual meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in Barcelona!

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Clinical imaging enhances Cardiac BioSimulator interventions

Fluoroscopy is one of the most used imaging techniques in the field of interventional cardiology and can easily be combined with LifeTec Group’s Cardiac BioSimulator (CBS)


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