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New service: Scientific 3D Animations

Next to helping research groups, medtech and life science companies, medtech inventors and investors, start-ups and scale-ups (with their research and development, certification and training of physicians) we can now help them, as well as knowledge institutions and patient groups, with their dissemination, education or explanation too:

LifeTec Group Acceleration: Meliora Medical - Getting rid of a pain in the neck
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Getting rid of a pain in the neck

We all know someone or you are that someone suffering from constant neck pain. When pain meds and physical therapy are no longer a solution, you're basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or are you?

Dr Michael Borger - NeoChord - Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair - LifeTec Group - Passive Heart platform
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Doing Well While Doing Good: Impact investing in medtech

The number of impact investors is growing; they actively look for ways and opportunities to contribute something meaningful to enterprises and society alike. For some reason, however, they haven’t been able to find their way to medtech yet. 

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