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Thank You and Happy New Year!

We can look back at a wonderful year for which our many thanks to you.

Dr Michael Borger - NeoChord - Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair - LifeTec Group - Passive Heart platform
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Doing Well While Doing Good: Impact investing in medtech

The number of impact investors is growing; they actively look for ways and opportunities to contribute something meaningful to enterprises and society alike. For some reason, however, they haven’t been able to find their way to medtech yet. 

LifeTec Group | Osteochondral platform
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Osteochondral Platform boosts development

For the study, repair and regeneration of abnormalities, disorders or diseases in bones and cartilage, it is of vital importance that in addition to research on cell level, the influence of surrounding tissues is also studied. 

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MedTech Innovation Shines through Skilled Workers

Developments in health care move at lightning speed. Continual innovation makes medical equipment ever smarter. Making optimal use of new devices requires training. Customized training, simulating real-life situations.

'PhysioHeart' in MRI
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"it was not a patient under the scanner but a heart, beating without a body."

Successful heart experiment at the AMC due to LifeTec Group research platform

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New web environment for LifeTec Group

"It’s my great pleasure to welcome you most warmly to the new web environment of LifeTec Group." - Jurgen de Hart - CEO

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Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump: the end of a debate

Thanks to the unique features of the PhysioHeart – controllability and repeatability – we characterized the efficacy of the IABP therapy in different simulated clinical scenarios…and our results were directly translated into the clinical practice, improving patients’ care!

realistic testing environment for heart valve testing
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realistic testing environment for heart valve testing

Regulatory heart valve testing appears to be a straightforward procedure, but the truth cannot be farther from it.


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