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Sensorized Heart Valve prosthesis studies

We are looking back on a successful collaboration with Bologna University for in vitro and ex vivo testing of an innovative sensorized heart valve prosthesis.

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Meet us at NVVC 2021!

Meet us at the next conference edition of NVVC in Papendal, Arnhem!

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Looking back to Barcelona

We've just returned from Barcelona where we enjoyed physical presence of this great city and the EACTS conference. Time for a short reflection!

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Meet us at EACTS in Barcelona!

Meet us at the next edition of the annual meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in Barcelona!

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First PhysioHeart in USA

We have some exciting news: the first-ever PhysioHeart experiment in the USA just took place!

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50th RegMedXB PhysioHeart

Today we celebrate our 50th PhysioHeart experiment for the RegMedXB project!

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Clinical imaging enhances Cardiac BioSimulator interventions

Fluoroscopy is one of the most used imaging techniques in the field of interventional cardiology and can easily be combined with LifeTec Group’s Cardiac BioSimulator (CBS)

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Meet us at WC11

Meet Alicia Ruppelt and Mattia D'Alessi at the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in Life Sciences from August 23rd to September 2nd!

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Automation of CBS hemodynamics

Recently we made great progress in the automatization of pressures and flow regulation in our CBS platform: Ivar, a master student of Electrical Engineering at TU/e, helped us to tackle this challenge.

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PLS animation

An animation on the aims and goals of the Perinatal Life Suppport project is out. Have a look at the animation to see what it's all about!


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