LifeTec Group - Mattia D'Alessi
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Introducing: Mattia D'Alessi

From Italy to Enschede and from Chicago via Italy to Eindhoven. Globetrotter Mattia D’Alessi has worked for LifeTec Group since January. And he feels like a fish in water here. 

"It feels a bit like they’re my Dutch family.” 

LifeTec Group - Bart Smeets
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Introducing: Bart Smeets

It’s his first full- time job, and it’s the job of his dreams: Bart Smeets (25) recently became an R&D engineer at LifeTec Group. He could not be prouder.

“I go to work every day feeling full of energy.” 

LifeTec Group - Blood Vessels in a box (alternative to animal testing)
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Blood Vessels -in-a-box-

“Towards the development of a pathological ex vivo blood vessel model": a possible alternative to ‘petri dishes’ as well as to animal testing. 

Vascular Bioreactor platform
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Coronary stent -in-a-box and -on-a-chip

Het Erasmus MC, de TU Delft en het Eindhovense medische technologiebedrijf LifeTec Group gaan nieuwe proefdiervrije modellen ontwikkelen die de menselijke vaatwand beter nabootsen. 

LifeTec Group - MedTech Quarterly - Q1 2018
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LifeTec Group Quarterly Report: Q1 2018

If the first quarter of 2018 is an indication for the other three to come, we are in for quite a year!

Meet us in Mannheim (D)
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Meet us in Mannheim (D)

LifeTec Group will be in Mannheim (D) from April 4 through 7 for the 84rd Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society. Some 8,000 visitors are expected and we hope you’ll be one of them - and we hope we can meet! 

LifeTec Group - Scientific 3D Animations
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New service: Scientific 3D Animations

Next to helping research groups, medtech and life science companies, medtech inventors and investors, start-ups and scale-ups (with their research and development, certification and training of physicians) we can now help them, as well as knowledge institutions and patient groups, with their dissemination, education or explanation too:

Lifelike cardiac intervention simulation for medical professionals
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Lifelike cardiac intervention simulation for medical professionals

"For LifeTec Group the Mitral Valve Meeting 2018 in Zürich was extra special because the theme of this meeting was a scientific paper about their ‘close to real surgery simulator’" 

twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
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the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

"we focus on a special case of deep-seated vascular malformations as seen in identical-twin pregnancies that are complicated by the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)..." Read more @ Case: The twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

LifeTec Group - Mitral Valve Meeting 2018, Zürich
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We're proud to present...

"For LifeTec Group, the Mitral Valve Meeting 2018 will be extra special because the theme of this meeting will be a scientific paper..." 


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