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Cooling therapy in healthcare

We're proud that our team will be featuring in an episode of "Dokters van Morgen", December 16th on Dutch TV! The show is about the use of cold as a therapy in medical care, and LifeTec contributed with a research project on cardiac cooling in a collaboration with Catharinaziekenhuis.

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Human Osteochondral Publication

We contributed to a scientific paper! Our collaborative study aims to demonstrate that a human osteochondral explant at different stages of osteoarthritis (OA) can be kept in long‐term culture while preserving its viability and composition.

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More and better donor organs

LifeTec Group will feature in the episode of Dutch TV show "de Kennis van Nu" on November 4th at 22:20 on NPO2 (in Dutch)!

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Introducing: Alicia Ruppelt

We're happy to introduce a new colleague in our team: Alicia Ruppelt. "I really enjoy being able to make my own decisions when working on a project, as this gives me the perfect opportunity to be creative" says Alicia, and we had a great project where that creativity can be applied.

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Does valve size matter?

We had a great day doing valve surgery in our lab! A team from Leiden University Medical Center joined us to try and implant valves of different size into real hearts, and subsequently investigate the hemodynamic performance of these implantations on our Cardiac BioSimulator platforms!

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Online Assignments are doing great!

Although the concept of online precense in our lab was born out of necessity due to the Corona pandemic, the feedback we get from our clients is so positive that we truly believe that this addition to our services is here to stay. This functionality gives our clients a great opportunity to take part in the experiments from a distance.

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PhysioHeart on TV

We're proud to share that we had a second TV crew in our lab to record our PhysioHeart activities! This time, the dutch TV program "De Kennis van Nu" came over to record the revival of a heart outside the body for an episode of a scientific research on making more donor organs available in better tissue quality. Our visitors were amazed to see the PhysioHeart!

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BioVentrix Team Training

LifeTec Group partnered with BioVentrix to create a training setting that closely resembles the clinical experience of their therapy. We are proud to share that we successfully organized a team training in our facilities earlier this week to train BioVentrix's team.

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Goodbye and Thank You Martina

As happy as we are when we can welcome a new member to our team, we're just as sad to see one of our colleagues leave. Earlier this month, the time had come for Martina Puricelli to move on to the next stage in her life. We thank Martina for the pleasant time she spent with us and wish her well for the future!

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Introducing: Bertus van de Wetering

LifeTec Group is always keen to attract enthusiastic young talented engineers who can think out of the box. We're happy to introduce our new addition to the team: Bertus van de Wetering.


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