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‘Focus: Valve’ Innsbruck (10-13 September)

Medical University Innsbruck (Austria) is organising the 9th ‘Focus: Valve’ meeting, September 10 through 13.

Training sessions are facilitated by LifeTec Group.

LifeTec Group | ESB 2017 - Athens
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ESB conference in Athens (4-8 September)

LifeTec Group's Melanie Krueger will be presenting during the ESB 2017 conference in Athens. "Flow influence on cell proliferation and tissue production in cellulose nanofibril hydrogels" is the subject.

LifeTec Group - Summer is here!
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Summer is here!

Summer is here, holidays are enjoyed or upcoming. A wonderful period to sit down, relax and reload the batteries. To enjoy the time with family and friends. To create fine memories … 

Bart Spee - Utrecht University - LifeTec Group
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New models to predict liver toxicity

"Many new pharmaceuticals turn out to be toxic, even after they have been released to the market", says Bart Spee. Together with his fellow researchers he's aiming to develop specialized liver cells, which could be used for purposes such as testing new medication.

Arend de Weger, Noemi Vanerio, Marco Stijnen
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Marco looks back on ASAIO Chicago

Just returned from the trip to Chicago to visit the 63rd edition of the ASAIO conference, LifeTec Group's R&D Director Marco Stijnen looks back on this event and shares his thoughts. 

LifeTec Group | CSI Frankfurt 2017
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Meet us in Frankfurt

CSI Frankfurt, June 28 to July 1, will provide a deep dive into major topics in catheter-based therapy of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease. So goes the opening line on the CSI website and LifeTec Group is excited to pitch in.

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Meet us in... Chicago

The ASAIO 63rd Annual Conference will take place in Chicago from 21 through 24 June. It is organized by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, so it may not be an event where you’d expect to see LifeTec Group. But we’ll be there, and we look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

Promising Rookies: Carmelina Angotti
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Promising Rookies: Carmelina Angotti

LifeTec Group is keen to act as a stepping stone for up-and-coming talent. Today in our series of Promising Rookies: Carmelina Angotti.


LifeTec Group | Looking back on New York
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Looking back on New York

Sjoerd, Nicky and Jurgen were in New York for the Mitral Conclave meeting organised by AATS.

A trip like that is of course first and foremost about what they can contribute, but the other, commercial side of things is also relevant for the business that LifeTec Group is.

LifeTec Group | Looking back on Mannheim
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Looking back on Mannheim

In the weekend of the 22nd of April, Marco, Marcel, and Nicky returned from the 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society in Mannheim. We asked Nicky and Marcel a couple of short questions:


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