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Case: VPH-CaSE

The VPH-CaSE project is focused on state-of-art developments in personalized cardiovascular support in the fields of cardiac diagnostics, imaging, intervention and support. At LifeTec we work on improvements on our living heart platform to support these developments even better.

Read more @ LifeTec Group 'Cases, Papers, Platforms & Services' - Case: VPH-CaSE

Melanie Krüger and guests
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BIOGEL workshop @ LifeTec Group

On November 20th, LifeTec Group will host a workshop for all early stage researchers (ESRs) involved in BIOGEL. 

Edoardo Andreini
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Promising Rookies: Edoardo Andreini

LifeTec Group is keen to act as a stepping stone for up-and-coming talent. Today in our series of Promising Rookies: Edoardo Andreini.

LifeTec Group | ESB 2017 - Athens
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ESB conference in Athens (4-8 September)

LifeTec Group's Melanie Krueger will be presenting during the ESB 2017 conference in Athens. "Flow influence on cell proliferation and tissue production in cellulose nanofibril hydrogels" is the subject.

Bart Spee - Utrecht University - LifeTec Group
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New models to predict liver toxicity

"Many new pharmaceuticals turn out to be toxic, even after they have been released to the market", says Bart Spee. Together with his fellow researchers he's aiming to develop specialized liver cells, which could be used for purposes such as testing new medication.

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Meet us in... Chicago

The ASAIO 63rd Annual Conference will take place in Chicago from 21 through 24 June. It is organized by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, so it may not be an event where you’d expect to see LifeTec Group. But we’ll be there, and we look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

Photo: RegMed XB kick-off
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Meet us in Leiden (NL)

Partners from academia, industry, health foundations, and regional governments join forces in RegMed XB. The aim is to cooperatively tackle ambitious challenges in regenerative medicine. On March 30 (2017) the public kick-off and participants assembly takes place. As a RegMed XB partner LifeTec Group is of course present.

We would love to meet you in Leiden!

Photo - ORS annual meeting 2017 - San Diego - website screen cap
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Meet us in San Diego

On March 19-22 LifeTec Group will be present at the Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society in San Diego California. It would be our great pleasure to meet you! 

'PhysioHeart' in MRI
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"it was not a patient under the scanner but a heart, beating without a body."

Successful heart experiment at the AMC due to LifeTec Group research platform


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