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Office Manager (0.6 - 0.8 FTE)

Ons team maakt het succes van LifeTec Group. In deze rol ben je een belangrijke ondersteuning voor het team. Het is een actieve en sterk afwisselende functie die je vraagt veel ballen tegelijkertijd in de lucht te houden. Als Office Manager ondersteun je de dagelijkse gang van zaken bij LifeTec Group.


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Evaluation of different perfusate compositions for ex vivo normothermic liver perfusion using slaughterhouse material.

We have a position for an internship, involving research on our ex-vivo perfused liver platform BioLiver. The internship will focus on the composition of the culture medium to allow livers to survive in a functional state in a lab setting.


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Vacancy: R&D Engineer Mechatronics

We have a vacancy for a Mechatronics Engineer to support us in the development of our BioSimulation Platforms! You will be working in a team to further develop and improve our systems, and you will learn to operate the BioSimulators so that you become involved in the pre-clinical studies and clinical training assignments for our clients. Interested? Read More >>>

Early Stage Researcher: Development of an ex-vivo liver model to study drug treatment

LifeTec Group offers one position for an Early Stage Researcher within the EU Horizon 2020 Marie-Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA-ITN-ETN) SINERGIA project.

The ESR will focus on improving the biological state of the liver tissue such that the liver becomes a representative model of the in-vivo situation.


Sales Specialist Preclinical Services and Technologies @ LifeTec Group BV

In this role you will develop sales for the products and services of LifeTec Group. You will be prospecting for new customers in addition to growing and maintaining the existing customer portfolio, and qualifying new leads to maintain identified business and to support a balanced sales funnel for future sales. Come and join our team!


Early stage researcher

LifeTec Group offers one position for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR-8) on the development and validations of ex vivo disease models of cartilage and bone within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) project CarBon.

The CarBon project focuses on controlling cartilage to bone transitions for improved treatment of bone defects and osteoarthritis in the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Union.


R&D Engineer (local)

As an R&D engineer working at LifeTec Group you will operate one or more of our research platforms, such as the Heart Valve Assessment Platform.

This platform is developed to test performance of engineered heart valve replacements for our clients. As our new R&D engineer you will become platform operator, meaning that you will assemble platforms, operate and maintain them. 


R&D Engineer (global)

As an R&D engineer at LifeTec Group you will be working with our various research platforms, at various locations around the globe. 

You will work with platforms and set-ups independently, either at our laboratories in Eindhoven or on location, particularly in Europe and the USA. You will be able to set-up and run the platforms and support the client with their research and training activities. You will work and interact with clients on a regular basis. 


LifeTec Group | Vacancy laboratory technician position

Laboratory Technician

As a laboratory technician at LifeTec Group you will be working with our various research platforms used to support research, for example in the cardiovascular field.

You will learn to build and dismantle these platforms and set-ups independently. You will also be involved in the research carried out with these platforms. Additionally, you will carry out various executive and supporting tasks, such as for example calibration of equipment.

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